Horde Siege

Use your bow to defend your castle for 25 days from the attacking horde of enemies. Play horde siege tower defense game in hordesiege.com.

Horde Siege Game

The castle of heroes is under attack and the people of this castle require you to hold off the enemy for next 25 days until reinforcements arrive. Help to win the battle with using your bow and shoot the attacking horde of enemies, aim to protect the castle entrance. Do not forget to upgrade your weapon and use the garrison for additional fire power to have a chance to win the battle of horde siege. This is a nice bow shooting game including the strategy and tower defense concepts..In this website you will find a detailed review and descriptions of all units, weapons, bows and more of this Horde Siege game.

Horde Siege Tutorial

Start your basic weapon training before the battle and get useful tips on the game mechanics. You can skip Horde Siege tutorial to proceed directly to the battle if you like. If you play Start button, tutorial starts and you can learn how to play Horde Siege game. You will like this bow shooter game while playing more.

In tutorial screen training start with a bow. It can be a lethal weapon in the right hands.

Horde Siege Controls:

Hold left mouse button to draw and Release Left mouse button to shoot the targets. In this section you must shoot all the targets appeared on the screen. When you adjust the target and while holding mouse button, you will see the surrond blurred and as time passes the targeting circle start to grow. This means that you can loose your concentration and control on the target. If you hit the target on the center, you will see "Bulleye" message on the screen.

After this first training finished, you will go to practise with moving targets. Click next button.

Message: "We're driving a pack of boars your way, try to hit them all". As the arrow needs time to reach the target, you will need to aim some distance ahead of it. Try to hit all the moving animals.

After this tutorial completed you are ready to defend your castle in Horde Siege game. You can also save your game here.

You can manage the castle defense and customize your loadout from this screen. Let's get through all the things you can do from here.


Horde Siege Battle

Take your time to go through all the available options. A good decision at the right time can turn the tide of this battle.

After this screen click to Go to Battle and game starts. Try to hit all the enemy units. It's not problem if you cannot hit and destroy all the enemies. After the level finished you will see a summary of your gameplay of Horde Siege game.

You will see the day, score, shots, wounding shots, accuracy stats and gained gold for neutralized enemy.

Horde Siege Screenshots


Horde Siege Video

Horde Siege Gameplay Items

Gold: You receive gold for every neutralized enemy. You can spend gold on new weapons, upgrades and customization.

Current Day: You need to hold for 25 days until reinforcements arrive.

Gate State: Castle gate receives damage when enemies pass through. You lose when this number reaches to 0 percent.

Weapon Shop: Buy or equip new weapons.

Weapons Stats: Basae weapons stats (weapons stats with arror modifiers)

Arrow Shop: Buy arrow components. Arrow stats modifiers and special properties.

Second Quiver: Unlock the second quiver. Swap quivers by pressing "Q" in game.

Gate Repairs: Repair and prepare the gate for the next assault.

Base upgrades: Upgrade your base and get garrison support.

Enemy Details: Reconnaissance on enemy types, their strengths and weaknesses.

Enemy Units

Orc: Lightly armored, basic infantry unit. Most arrows will penetrate the bone armor but shooting at the head of limbs should be more effective.

Heavy Orc: Heavy armored infantry with shields. Best bet is shooting at the head, legs or using the bodkin arrowheads, as the heavy armor will absorb most of the damage or even stop the broader arrowheads.

Orc Archer: Unarmored ranged unit. Best target for broadhead arrows. Might be dangerous when in high numbers as the constant stream of arrows might deal damage to castle and the garrison.

Ogre: Fast and deadly beast. Considering that it wears no armor, use broadhead arrows to do maximum damage. Thake not of it's speed though. You will want to aim quite some distance ahead of it.

Explosive Carts: Explosive cart will do extreme damage if it gets to the gate in Horde Seige game. Neutralize it by shooting down the orcs pushing it forward. They are lightly armored so it should not be a problem. You might also want to try hitting the torch, chances are you might blow up the cart before it reaches the gate.

Horde Siege Achievements

Bullseye: Hit the bullseye of every target in the archery range

Friend of Nature: Let the boars live

Marksman: Get 5 headshots in a row

Spotter: Mark 5 targets for friendly archers during a single battle

High Explosives: Neutralize 5 enemies in a single explosion

Open Fire: Hit 10 cart torches

An Adventurere Like You: Let an enemy with a knee injury escape

300: Neutralize 300 enemies in hordesige game.

Flawless: Finish a wave before any damage is done to the gate.

Siege Survivor: Survive for 25 days

Horde Siege Weapons and Bows

Light crossbow : The cheapest of the crossbows. Can be drawn by hand so the reload is fast and easy. A short draw length, though, paired with a low draw weight, can not provide high damage output.

Shortbow: The lightest of the bows in horde sige. Used primarily for hunting, this bow can still be quite handy on the battlefield. What it lacks in punch, it makes up for in speed.

Longbow: Godly weapon in the right hands, the longbow can hit targets at extreme ranges dealing extreme amounts of damage

Medium crossbow: Crossbow with a pull-lever reload in place. Keeps a rather good balance, between the bolt speed, damage and reload times.

Composite bow: A recurve bow that embodies both power and speed. A good choice if the shortbows seems to weak, or the longbow seems too slow.

Heavy crossbow: With a rather sophisticated reload mechanism, it takes ages to reload. The result is worth the wait though! The bolt can reach the target in a blink of an eye, easily penetrating even plate armor.

Straight Broadhead: Straight broadhead arrows are average on both damage and armor penetration.

Broadhead: Broadhead arrows deliver massive damage to unarmored targets and in most cases causes lethal bleading. Any type of armor significantly reduces the damage.

Bodkin: Bodking points are used for better and longer flight and proved to be effective againist armored targets.

Recruiting and Building

Recruit Archers: Gives you the ability to mark areas for garrisoned archers to attack. Effect: Archers support available.

Train Archers: Increases archers accuracy, making their attack more effective. Effect: More enemies will get hit in the marked area.

Recruit more archers: Additional archer squads reduce the time between attacks. Effect: Cooldown time is cut in the half.

Build a catapult: Gives you the ability to mark areas for the garrisoned catapult that uses sacks with explosive mixture as projectiles. Effect: Catapult support available.

Alchemy: Make changes to the explosive mixture, increasing the damage radius. Effect: Doubles the explosive radius.

More Catapults: Gives you the ability to mark two more targets for the attack. Effect: Mark 2 additional targets.

Build Meadery: Gives you the ability to bring mead to your position. It boosts your morale for a limited amount of time, triggering lethal injuries on your every shot. Effet: Mead available.

Refine Mead Components: Refined components have a stronger and prolonged effect. Effet: Mead effect lasts longer.

Resupply: Increases mead supplies, allowing you to use it more often. Effet: Cooldown time is cut in half.

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